My Beginning to Photography

It’s funny when I think back to how I got started on photography because it all started halfheartedly. It was back about four years ago when I was picking up my classes for my sophomore year. I decided to take the old style black and white film photography they offered at my school since i thought it would be an easy A. Boy…was i wrong. The whole process of photography was a lot harder than i expected. Taking the pictures with a 35 mm film camera was about the only easy thing within the class. The process of developing the film and printing the pictures were so tedious, but I’ll get into that process in the future. For our first assignment I had to take five pictures but it wasn’t until i developed the film and printed it did I know how much I would love photography. It only took a minute of looking at the picture above to know that I would probably end up keeping this hobby up for a long time. To this day I still enjoy photography and keep up with it. It has proven to be a very helpful hobby/passion that not only helped me but also helped my friends around me. The down part about photography is that I can’t take film pictures anymore since I don’t have film or a dark room to develop the film in. However in the future i want to be able to create my own dark room with it’s own enlarger and development stations so that I can go back to film photography since it’s a dying out art.