Wk 15 – Artist Interview – Troy Rounseville

photo 2 (4)

    This week I got to see a lot of galleries that were really unique however the gallery exhibit that I really enjoy was by Troy Rounseville. The main reason why I really liked this gallery was because of the reasoning behind why Troy created his art. Troy created all of his art pieces because he was question how our emotions would continue to be alter based on how our dependability on technology continues.
    Overall the concept of how technology changes our way of thinking and acting with society is quite interesting. If we think back to a time before technology was so advance and addictive society actually talked to one another. We all had decent socializing skills and would talk while we were with company. However in this generation even when we do have company with us, we rudely use out electronics and barely talk to one another.
    The other reason why I liked the specific piece I pictured above is because it brings back the technology from the past. Record players were such a big accomplishment in its days. It was able to provide music in the home as well as joy to the music lovers in the family. However at the same time this piece allows the viewer to see how technology has changed over time. Before there were so many cable that had to be connected to everything. It was such a mess and something that probably isn’t missed. Nowadays we take for granted how easy and simple technology is. An electronic device now is so slick and mobile to carry around whereas before we could barely fit a CD player in our pockets.
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Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Michelle Morte

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    This week I got to meet Michelle Morte and I really had a blast talking to her since it was really easy to talk to her. A lot of the times meeting is uncomfortable since there’s that invisible wall that makes it so awkward to get to know a person however with Michelle there wasn’t a problem getting to know her.
    Michelle is currently a third year at CSULB and is majoring in film and electronics (FEA). Being a film major offers many routes that could be taken once in the program and Michelle has decided to specialize in screenwriting. Michelle hopes that she’ll be able to work with Focus Features in the future. I think that the main reason that Michelle has decided to go intro screenwriting is because of her interest in writing. She mostly writes some indie and physiological. She was telling me about one of the things that she was working on. The story was in the point of the view of a stalker and his point of view in things. I loved the concept of being able to see the story from a character we didn’t expect as well as seeing the mind of the ‘bad guy’.
    Besides writing Michelle also loves to read. By loves to read I meant she reads a lot! She tends to read the same type work that she herself works on. The main genres that she reads are physiological and horror. Another hobbies that Michelle likes to do is surfing. I got to give Michelle props for surfing because in my opinion that is one of the most difficult sports to do. You have to have a lot of balance and upper body strength. Sarcasm and confusion are some of things that Michelle also loves to use on people. When we were talking we had a good conversation on how we love using both of those things to mess with people since we get a kick out of people being really confused.
    Make sure you check out Michelle’s blog to see what she is up to. Her website is imichellemorte.wordpress.com.

Wk 13 – Artist Interview – Jeff Dulla

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    This week’s gallery consisted of a collaboration of artist putting their pieces in the same gallery. There was quite a variety work and it showed how different a form of art can get from being realistic to abstract. There was probably a piece that everyone could find that suited their liking. The one piece that stood out for me is by Jeff Dulla which is called “Cyclical Nature”.
    The main thing that really caught my attention was the sun and the choice of color that Jeff choose. It’s funny because from there the painting lead me to the front of foreground of it. All the dark and ominous coloring leading to a white and black pattern for some reason reminds me of limbo. To be honest I kind of felt like that which is what made the drawing really interesting. It took me a while to stop looking at the drawing because it made me keep thinking of where this place would be.
    The transition in each part of the color change is also very impressive. There isn’t a part in the painting where the transition is sudden. Jeff was able to transition the colors by easily slightly mixing the colors into other previous parts. Take for example the red portion of the painting. He was able to transition it from light blue to the white and black pattern. At first I thought it didn’t work but at the same time it did somehow. It was a smart decision because at the same time the blue fits with the darker blue portion in the painting.
    Overall this is one of those paintings that really gets your mind thinking and that’s exactly what we need now a days. People want art to be straightforward but what’s the point in that when everything is already so straightforward. The complexity of art is what gets our minds thinking which tends to be lacking nowadays because technology tends to do the hard parts.
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Wk 13 – Classmate Interview – Bowas Yang

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    Bowas Yang is the name of the fella who is pictured in the photograph above. He is a film major at CSULB. I got the opportunity to talk to him this week luckily. I’ve seen him sometimes during the galleries since he hangs out with the same people as I do. However I never got the opportunity to properly get to know him so it was great to finally get to know him. He has quite the artistic personality.
    His interest in film started ever since he took his dad’s video camera. From there he was involved in anything related to film making. Most of the work that Bowas does is behind the camera work like editing or filming. However he also has worked with directing and producing as well. He is really well rounded in working with film making/producing because of the variety of work he has been involved with.
    He has been involved in quite a few art classes when he was in high school. Besides the obvious hands on art classes he also had the chance to take photography classes. His photography class involved using old style film classes. I was so excited to meet someone else that had the opportunity to work with old film photography since it’s an art that is dying out. He said he would still like to work with it if he could but the only issue is that he doesn’t have a dark room to develop and print the photos.
    Bowas has also been involved with charcoal and painting during his life. I wish I could see some of his drawings one day. Besides art Bowas also plays the guitar which he has been dedicated to for about six years now. His main hobbies besides playing his guitars are music (both listening to and writing) as well as working out. When I was talking to Bowas I learned and really liked his way of thinking in life. I asked him what his motivation was and he said “trusting in god and knowing that he has a plan for my life”. It just really inspired me.
    Make sure to check out Bowas blog because some of his latest post are really amazing. So head on over to: bowasyang.com

Wk 12 – Artist Interview – Michelle Thompkins

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    The exhibit by Michelle Thompkins was a wonderful piece that told a heartfelt concept. As we grew in life there were a lot of expectations coming from everywhere. Your parents probably wanted you to be a big-shot at some amazing corporation but you didn’t choose that path. The art piece picture is named Long Shadow and is the final piece to a three piece set.
    I chose to picture the last part only because it summed up the whole story. The child looks to be sad from being told something by her elders. From the way her elders are standing it seems that they are disappointed in the ballerina in training for some reason. To be honest initially I saw the drawing as the child seeing her own shadow which turned out to be an older version of herself. I perceived the picture in that form until I realized that the drawing also had another person involved.
    This exhibit probably hits straight to the heart to a lot of people since it is telling the universal story of being the ‘perfect’ person, friend, student, etc. Almost everyone deals with this dilemma eventually. However, the truth is we aren’t perfect and sometimes people have to accept that we won’t live up to their expectations. Michelle Thompkins does a great job at conveying their idea to the art viewers because with each piece it tells a story leading to the disappointment of possible failure.
    The way the art pieces were drawn remind of a “Caroline” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas” kind of style. To be honest this form of drawing is so different which makes it so amazing in my opinion. There’s just something about the style of drawing that gives the piece a bit more of depth and emotion. You can kind of get a sense of emotional pressure and stress people can get from trying to be ‘perfect’.
    If you’d like to see some of the other art pieces within the exhibit make sure to click on the tag: thompkins.

Wk 12 – Classmate Interview – Melanie Colli

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    Guys, today I got to talk to Melanie Colli who I found it to be really great time to talk to her. She is currently a third year at CSULB and is undeclared for the moment. She used to be a biology major because she thought she wanted to be a veterinarian since she likes animals. However at the same time writing was a big passion for her so she started to notice that writing stories had her attention compared to her biology related work. After realizing her passion for writing stories, mostly in the genre of fiction, she decided to pursue a major in film and specialize in the screen writing.
    After I heard that Melanie wanted to be a film major next semester, I knew we had one thing in interest. Once we kept talking I realized that we had so many other things in common. The next thing we find out about each other that really got us talking was our interest in anime and manga. We both got so excited when we heard that. Melanie admitted that she was a bit of an otaku which is what Japanese call a person who can have a bit of an addiction to manga and anime. To be honest I am also a bit of an otaku since I’m practically on my iPod reading manga almost 24/7.
    Another part of our anime interest was our talk about anime-con. She has been going to anime-con since 2008 and has loved it every time. It was funny how she explained the experience. She said that she finally found a place that everyone was obsessed with manga.
    Another one of Melanie’s interest is drawing. She really started drawing during middle school and has still continued to draw to this day as well. She said that a lot of her drawings have gotten better over the time and she mostly draws anime characters. Melanie was also involved in sports when she was in middle school. During her softball career she and her team won two championships.
    I had a lot of fun getting to know Melanie since it didn’t seem as if I had just met her today. However it seemed like we had known each other for a while so that’s also a really why I found it easy to talk to her. If you’d like to check out Melanie’s blog go ahead and go to melaniecolli.com.

Wk 11 – Activity – Student Choice: Making a Bracelet

The designs i ended up with

    So this week I had the opportunity to get back into a hobby that I picked up and enjoyed as a kid: bracelet making. When I was about seven years old we had a family friend who we considered to be part of our family. He treated me as if I were his own grandkid. He had a daughter of his own who made bracelets however she outgrew the hobby. He decided to pass on her bracelet making kits to me. It had every kind of bead you could ever need.
    I really enjoyed making the bracelets but as I got older I realized that the beads I had made the bracelets look so bulky and kiddish. I didn’t want to keep using these oversized beads I felt like I needed something new. That same year I had gone to Mexico to visit some family and saw some of the most beautiful bracelets I had ever seen. They looked so simple but had class to them at the same time. They used tiny crystal-like beads that made the bracelets look for a mature audience. I loved the crystals they used so I had to know where they bought them. After I found out where I immediately got a set of beads for myself.

Elastic String needed.

    The designing part of making a bracelet is the part that can really stump a person. You have to create a unique design out of thin air. Sometimes I would just end up giving up before I even actually put in an effort to think of design. To be honest the simplest way to make a bracelet design, in my opinion, is to just throw all the beads on the table. This method allows me to see an overview of which beads go together the best. In total I had four option but finally decided to make the fourth design my final choice.
    After choosing the beads the simplest part is next: stringing the beads. Well it’s the easy part if you’re good with working with tiny objects. For the smaller beads you’ll want to use an elastic type of string. This string is clear and helps stop the bracelet from breaking easily. Once you string the beads you’re done all you need to finish it off is tie the bracelet as tight as you can, so that the bracelet doesn’t suddenly come loose.
I’m glad I was able to get back into making bracelets since it’s sort of a stress reliever. On the plus side I’m also able to make jewelry that can help finish off an outfit.

Bracelet outcome