Wk 15 – Artist Interview – Troy Rounseville

photo 2 (4)

    This week I got to see a lot of galleries that were really unique however the gallery exhibit that I really enjoy was by Troy Rounseville. The main reason why I really liked this gallery was because of the reasoning behind why Troy created his art. Troy created all of his art pieces because he was question how our emotions would continue to be alter based on how our dependability on technology continues.
    Overall the concept of how technology changes our way of thinking and acting with society is quite interesting. If we think back to a time before technology was so advance and addictive society actually talked to one another. We all had decent socializing skills and would talk while we were with company. However in this generation even when we do have company with us, we rudely use out electronics and barely talk to one another.
    The other reason why I liked the specific piece I pictured above is because it brings back the technology from the past. Record players were such a big accomplishment in its days. It was able to provide music in the home as well as joy to the music lovers in the family. However at the same time this piece allows the viewer to see how technology has changed over time. Before there were so many cable that had to be connected to everything. It was such a mess and something that probably isn’t missed. Nowadays we take for granted how easy and simple technology is. An electronic device now is so slick and mobile to carry around whereas before we could barely fit a CD player in our pockets.
    Don’t forget if you want to check out other parts of Troy’s exhibit. So make sure you click on the tag rounseville. A lot of other wonderful people got to see Troy’s amazing art as well.


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