Wk 13 – Classmate Interview – Bowas Yang

photo (6)

    Bowas Yang is the name of the fella who is pictured in the photograph above. He is a film major at CSULB. I got the opportunity to talk to him this week luckily. I’ve seen him sometimes during the galleries since he hangs out with the same people as I do. However I never got the opportunity to properly get to know him so it was great to finally get to know him. He has quite the artistic personality.
    His interest in film started ever since he took his dad’s video camera. From there he was involved in anything related to film making. Most of the work that Bowas does is behind the camera work like editing or filming. However he also has worked with directing and producing as well. He is really well rounded in working with film making/producing because of the variety of work he has been involved with.
    He has been involved in quite a few art classes when he was in high school. Besides the obvious hands on art classes he also had the chance to take photography classes. His photography class involved using old style film classes. I was so excited to meet someone else that had the opportunity to work with old film photography since it’s an art that is dying out. He said he would still like to work with it if he could but the only issue is that he doesn’t have a dark room to develop and print the photos.
    Bowas has also been involved with charcoal and painting during his life. I wish I could see some of his drawings one day. Besides art Bowas also plays the guitar which he has been dedicated to for about six years now. His main hobbies besides playing his guitars are music (both listening to and writing) as well as working out. When I was talking to Bowas I learned and really liked his way of thinking in life. I asked him what his motivation was and he said “trusting in god and knowing that he has a plan for my life”. It just really inspired me.
    Make sure to check out Bowas blog because some of his latest post are really amazing. So head on over to: bowasyang.com


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