Wk 12 – Artist Interview – Michelle Thompkins

photo (5)

    The exhibit by Michelle Thompkins was a wonderful piece that told a heartfelt concept. As we grew in life there were a lot of expectations coming from everywhere. Your parents probably wanted you to be a big-shot at some amazing corporation but you didn’t choose that path. The art piece picture is named Long Shadow and is the final piece to a three piece set.
    I chose to picture the last part only because it summed up the whole story. The child looks to be sad from being told something by her elders. From the way her elders are standing it seems that they are disappointed in the ballerina in training for some reason. To be honest initially I saw the drawing as the child seeing her own shadow which turned out to be an older version of herself. I perceived the picture in that form until I realized that the drawing also had another person involved.
    This exhibit probably hits straight to the heart to a lot of people since it is telling the universal story of being the ‘perfect’ person, friend, student, etc. Almost everyone deals with this dilemma eventually. However, the truth is we aren’t perfect and sometimes people have to accept that we won’t live up to their expectations. Michelle Thompkins does a great job at conveying their idea to the art viewers because with each piece it tells a story leading to the disappointment of possible failure.
    The way the art pieces were drawn remind of a “Caroline” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas” kind of style. To be honest this form of drawing is so different which makes it so amazing in my opinion. There’s just something about the style of drawing that gives the piece a bit more of depth and emotion. You can kind of get a sense of emotional pressure and stress people can get from trying to be ‘perfect’.
    If you’d like to see some of the other art pieces within the exhibit make sure to click on the tag: thompkins.


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