Wk 11 – Activity – Student Choice: Making a Bracelet

The designs i ended up with

    So this week I had the opportunity to get back into a hobby that I picked up and enjoyed as a kid: bracelet making. When I was about seven years old we had a family friend who we considered to be part of our family. He treated me as if I were his own grandkid. He had a daughter of his own who made bracelets however she outgrew the hobby. He decided to pass on her bracelet making kits to me. It had every kind of bead you could ever need.
    I really enjoyed making the bracelets but as I got older I realized that the beads I had made the bracelets look so bulky and kiddish. I didn’t want to keep using these oversized beads I felt like I needed something new. That same year I had gone to Mexico to visit some family and saw some of the most beautiful bracelets I had ever seen. They looked so simple but had class to them at the same time. They used tiny crystal-like beads that made the bracelets look for a mature audience. I loved the crystals they used so I had to know where they bought them. After I found out where I immediately got a set of beads for myself.

Elastic String needed.

    The designing part of making a bracelet is the part that can really stump a person. You have to create a unique design out of thin air. Sometimes I would just end up giving up before I even actually put in an effort to think of design. To be honest the simplest way to make a bracelet design, in my opinion, is to just throw all the beads on the table. This method allows me to see an overview of which beads go together the best. In total I had four option but finally decided to make the fourth design my final choice.
    After choosing the beads the simplest part is next: stringing the beads. Well it’s the easy part if you’re good with working with tiny objects. For the smaller beads you’ll want to use an elastic type of string. This string is clear and helps stop the bracelet from breaking easily. Once you string the beads you’re done all you need to finish it off is tie the bracelet as tight as you can, so that the bracelet doesn’t suddenly come loose.
I’m glad I was able to get back into making bracelets since it’s sort of a stress reliever. On the plus side I’m also able to make jewelry that can help finish off an outfit.

Bracelet outcome

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