Wk 11 – Classmate Interview – Kamani Falls

photo (3)

    I got to meet the lovely and stylish Kamani Falls this week. Guys let me just start off with this girl has a sense of fashion. Right from the start the first thing that got my attention was her wardrobe. She really knew how to coordinate her clothing well while at the same time adding little jewelry to make the outfit more complete. There was this anklet and bracelet that she had that were so amazing. So Kamani if you’re reading this once again I’d like to tell you how fashionable you are.
    She is currently at third year at CSULB and she is majoring in child development. However she is also currently considering minoring in business so that she can one day hopefully open up her own daycare business. At the same time she is studying she is balancing her jobs as well. She works at Jamba Juice but also is a cheer coach. She works with kids from the ages of two to five. She herself has also been involved with cheering since she was around the age of five. I also found it ironic how this is the second cheerleader that I have interviewed. What could have been the odds of that happening?
    Then of course we need to put together all the other random information I got to learn about Kanami. She likes to travel and has been to Hawaii and Las Vegas. If she was given the possibility to travel anywhere she would go to Cancun. I found it amazing how she fortunate enough to go to Hawaii since it’s such a beautiful place. One of the things that we have in common is that we both don’t really enjoy taking selfies. Maybe a picture with a friend but selfies aren’t our style. The other thing that I noticed about Kamani is that she was on the quiet side when we first started to talk. We had some awkward moments but to be honest I found them funny. I get the quiet side of people since I used to be like them a lot and sometimes I still am.
    If you’d like to check out Kamani’s blog go ahead and go to imkamanii.wordpress.com. She’s a really great person and you’ll love the stuff she posts about.


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