Wk 11 – Artist Interview – Romina Del Castillo

photo 2 (2)

    People that can draw so precisely and realistically are one of the reasons I envy people a bit. This week I got to see some of Romina Del Castillo drawings and painting. Wow, all I have to say is that these art pieces must of took Romina a lot of time to complete. She had quite a few pieces up as well which makes her talent and patience even more admirable. It took her a couple of weeks to complete one piece alone. However she multitasked between each piece so she could get them finished in time.
    Romina’s art pieces are very unique in a sense in my opinion. Normally an artist chooses whether they are going to make the piece colorful or make it black and white. However in this case she choose to use black and white for a majority of the piece while adding some slight color to some areas of the pieces. The form of medium she used for her pieces were charcoal, chalk, and pastels. The reason why she might have added just some parts of color was because her palette had limited colors. Even if the partial color weren’t the original idea, the pieces still came out really well.

photo 1 (2)
    The subjects of the portraits were drawn during a live observation session. Most of the subjects we’re some of Romina’s friends and she also included some portraits of herself as well. The idea of using live models to draw must have been a really tough job. Just thinking of being the person sitting their being drawn is hard enough. However the fact that the artist have to capture each part so precisely is even difficult. The artist has to make sure that the subject detains their position. Even if the subject moved the drawing/painting can’t be altered at the last minute.
    I got to photograph some of her pieces but trust me there were some more that are just as great. If you’d like to see some of Romina’s other pieces don’t forget to click on the tag delcastillo. Some of my classmates photograph some of her other pieces that I didn’t get to include.


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