Wk 10 – Activity – Landscape Photography

photo 1 e

    First off I’d like to point out the irony of my photography project. I loved the idea that I had to be dead with a landscape in the photo on the weekend of Halloween. I just loved how it completely fit in with the holiday.
    I honestly didn’t know what idea I would go with in the beginning since I had about three things running through my head. My first thought was to take a picture with me dead with a stack of books next to me. Possibly some fake blood dripping off my face and the background would be the library. I thought it would be a good idea to represent how college students feel during their midterms. My second idea consisted of a rooftop picture with the background would be the ground. So I would have to lay near the edge of the rooftop. After thinking about it I remembered my fear of heights so that option was opted out.
    Then it finally hit me I could look for the perfect picture while I was out and about downtown when I went to go catch a movie. Luckily I had my friends with me to capture the picture. To be honest I wonder how I’m going to die and, I sincerely hope it’s in my sleep but, I think it would be by car accident. Not saying that I’m a bad driver, because I’m not but, I think it would happen when I’m in the streets walking. I tend to be very impatient when it comes to waiting to cross the street so that’s the main reason why I think that car accident would be the main reason.
    The whole process of taking the picture was really awkward at first. People were staring at me while I was laying on the floor but I honestly didn’t care after a while. It ended up being really fun since my friends and I got a real kick out of the experience. My friends loved how weird but fun my photography project was. While I had fun and a legitimate excuse to lay on the floor in public. We also had a good laugh on how it looks like I died as if I was running while it happened because of the way my arms are placed. Lastly I’d like to apologize for the camera quality since I took the picture using my Ipod since the idea hit on the spot when I went to the movies.


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