Wk 10 – Classmate Interview – Minyon Spencer

    You guys I’d like you to meet Minyon Spencer! I got to meet her this week during our art gallery exhibits. Minyon is originally from Tracy, California but decided to come to long beach since she really liked the scenery. Since she lives about five hours away she is also dorming this year. She is a first year at CSULB and is a finance major. She is also thinking about the taking a minor in the future. If she does end up minoring in something she would like to minor in accounting or marketing. I have to give her props for thinking about minoring in something since college already without a minor is tough enough.
    Cheer has been something that Minyon has been involved with since she was about seven years old. She was telling us how she is the lightest in the group yet they put her as a base. When she said that I was confused since that didn’t make sense. Cheer is something that I always thought was easy but after thinking about it I realized that cheer is a very tedious and energy consuming thing. So I respect that Minyon has stuck with cheer for so many years.
    Since Halloween was on the way when we were talking we ended up talking about what we were doing. Let me just say that Minyon is totally set for Halloween. She has three costumes set for the day. She couldn’t decide so she said she was going to be all three which are king’s cup, a toga look, and a hazard. I think my favorite costume idea she had was being a hazard. She was going to wrap herself in hazard tape. To be honest I found the hazard idea so smart but simple which makes it so easy to do.
    As for her other interest her music taste is very diverse. She likes every genre you throw at her except for two. The two genre that she doesn’t like are screamo and rock since she isn’t able to understand anything they are singing in the screamo genre. Then her favorite animal is a flamingo. I have to admit that was a pretty good answer since I wasn’t expecting it.
    If you’d like to check out Minyon’s blog hop on over to minyonspencer.wordpress.com. I also would like to apologize about the picture since I forgot to take one of us together that day. However that just gives you a good reason to go to Minyon’s blog so that you can put a face to the wonderful person I got to meet that day.


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