Wk 10 – Artist Interview – Nathaniel Glauninger

photo (2)

    This week I got to see some of the sculptures in the art exhibit and they did a great job in the art pieces. Normally I gravitate towards photos or paintings but this one called my attention since it shined when the light hit it. It also caught my attention since the material they used is practically all society worries about: money.
    Nowadays people worry about how they are going to survive the next day. Money is literally all that runs the world and the people in it. People work for money so they can buy the necessities and luxury items. At the same time people think that they can buy anything with money even people, jobs, etc. It’s cruel how some people use advantage of their money just to get ahead in life. It’s sad how money is what controls happiness. Of course money is what allows people to do some of the things they hope for but it’s worse when they think that all happiness is bought with money.
    There’s that question that always gets asked: What can’t money buy. Of course some people are going to say air but to be honest does that give you happiness. Well maybe happiness towards the idea that air keeps you alive. However the point is that because money is just a necessity that people forget to take notice in all the little things in life. The feeling of love, happiness, and memories that make a person smile so easily in the day. People should forget about the literal money value of things and start thinking about the sentimental value of everything.
    To be honest the whole structure also symbolizes how material things actually are. In some people’s eyes the value of the object can be seen when they look at the item. For instance this sculpture of pennies is in the shape of a box so it’s as if that amount of money they paid for is seen. That total of pennies could have bought a box of fruit, a box of flowers, or even a small box of candy.
    If you’d like to look at some other sculptures then click on the tag: glauninger. There are a lot of other sculptures that are really worth taking a look at.


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