Wk 9 – Artist Interview – André Stevenson

photo (1)

    This week I got to see a different exhibit. This wasn’t the normal art that people would see in a museum. This exhibit was called Salon des Refusés and was curated by André Stevenson. The idea that André wanted to put together an exhibit that would give a home to the art pieces that weren’t accepted. Some pieces are sometimes casted out which doesn’t allow their beauty to be displayed to the public. To be honest we shouldn’t think art can’t reach the art qualification since art doesn’t have one. Technically anything can be art since anything can be used as a form of medium. People nowadays can use trash as a form of art. André Stevenson is really amazing for putting together a home for this pieces that were missing one.
The piece I liked was the one above since it really called out to me. The idea of putting the concept of fast food, or food in general, and religion in the same ranking is putting a strong statement out there. A lot of people put their religion as their main reason of how they should live their life. Society now tends to put the material things that don’t tend to last as the priority.
    The use of candles is very meaningful during some moments. For example when someone passes people use candle to help keep them in their memory. A lot of people actually tend to put them out in the exact place that the person died. In a sense the artist of the piece is trying to show how people are putting too much importance on fast food. Yes I admit food is a necessity that keeps us alive but some people overindulge on food. We don’t need to eat so much food in one sitting. For example with Instagram people tend to photograph their food as if it’s something holy. To be honest I’m guilty of that but we should all try to capture more memorable moments or events.
    If you’d like to see some more of the art pieces that were in the Salon des Refusés exhibit go ahead and click on the “Stevenson” tag. All of the pieces are really amazing and should deserve to be seen.


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