Wk 9 – Classmate Interview – Shannon Choi

Left to Right: me, Shannon, Renato

    Shannon Choi is the name of the wonderful person that I got to meet this week. She is a first year communication major at CSULB and she isn’t afraid to socialize in the least bit. Her outgoing and social personality is what helped her choose her major since talking to people comes easily for her.
    I’d like to start off by telling a story about something that happened during the interview. Shannon got a call during the interview and it turned out to be a random number that she had called earlier. This random number was on one of the art pieces and she decided to call. It turned out it was the artist of the piece and she ended up learning a lot of good information on the piece. From this I could tell that she was really outgoing and had a lot of courage. It takes a lot to just decided to dial and leave a message to someone you don’t even know.
    Shannon lives in Valencia so instead of commuting each day she dorms at school. When she was in high school she was in track and field for some time. Besides sports she was also involved in choir. Her family is Korean and it consists of herself, her mom, dad, and two older sisters. She gets along really well with her sisters even with the big age gap between them.
    As for her current hobbies Shannon is currently volunteering with Kbeach Radio. She went through the training and now helps set things up for the radio as well as help with the music. She said it took sometime but she finally got the hang of things. One of the things that she really is a passion in her life is hot sauce. She considers herself to be a hot sauce enthusiast since she enjoys all the hot sauces. So you know she can handle spicy food since she likes all the hot sauces ranging from extreme to mild.
    It was Shannon’s birthday when I met her so…if you’re reading this Shannon Happy Birthday once again! If you’d like to see her blog go to shannonchoi.wordpress.com.


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