Wk 8 – Activity – Eportfolio

Blog before: everything is in one page and no information about me.

    This blog is supposed to be an asset towards any future employer that wants to look at some of my work. To be honest all I was posting was of my school activities so it was time to change the blog up a bit. I honest thought it was going to be easy to change the color, maybe add some other pages, put some tabs, and add an about page. Like always I underestimated how hard this was actually going to be. I started editing my blog about 2PM on Saturday and before I knew it an hour had just passed. An hour went by and all I had done was mess around with every button since I had no idea how to add tabs at the top of the screen. So for the last 15 minutes of the hour I looked up videos on wordpress tutorials but none of them helped at all. All the videos were for the wordpress version of two years ago.
    I ended up giving up on the tutorials and decided to try to figure out on my own. I finally found out how to add more pages to my blog but now the probably was how to put my old posts on that certain page. Before I got too worked up on that, I decided to write my about me page and set that up as the home page. I think I did pretty decent on the information I provided but I needed a picture of me so that people know they’re actually talking and interacting with a real person. So I found one that actually summed me up pretty well.

new blog
Blog After: The home page starts out with information and from there the viewer can choose at what they want to look at.

    Now going back to the new pages. Putting the old posts on a certain page was difficult so I added a widget that that led the viewers to my posts according to the categories. So on the right side of my page you can either see what I’m up to in my art class, see some of my photography, or look at some videos I’ve made. I made a post on the photography and videography category so that it tells the story of how I got into those two hobbies. I also added two other widgets. One is to search within the blog; which can be helpful to the viewer. The other widget allows me to write whatever I want so I decided to put a new quote each week. I hope the quotes help inspire some people. The videography and photography page were made so that people that have similar interest can give some critic as well as advice. The videography page is mostly so that I can post future work and start building up my portfolio for possible jobs.
    To be honest the only thing I wish this new theme offered was a different way the post showed up. All the post in the categories are still in reverse-chronological order. Overall I’m pretty happy with the changes because before it was all on one page and I didn’t provide any information about myself. The new look now provides information about myself, new pages/categories, and also information on my hobbies.


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