Wk 8 – Artist Interview – Christopher Linquata

photo 2

I got to see some of Christopher Linquata’s work this week within the gallery presented by MFA exhibition. I have to say that this exhibit has been one of my favorite ones so far. The reason why I said that is because you wouldn’t believe how amazing the artwork is. Just by first glance you can tell that these art pieces really took a while to put together. The process of working with paint is so tedious that it takes a lot of patience and artistry to master.
The colors are so vibrant but at the same time balanced (well in my opinion). I think it was the colors that really got me to stay and take a second look at his paintings. After I kept staring at it I just knew that I had to write about this painting. There were two of his paintings that really got my eye but the main one that I’m going to be focusing on is the painting of the pregnant lady leaning on a yoga ball.

photo 1

The reason why this piece talks to me is because it reminds me of my cousin. She would always worry about how she would lose the weight after her pregnancy and I always wondered why it even matter. Why should your figure be on your mind when you have a new life to tend and take care of? Why are people so obsessed with keeping their “perfect” figure? This picture just shows how society makes people believe that they should stay slim. It opens your eye to how women even try to exercise during their pregnancy. This could possibly be a bad decision because it could be harmful to the baby. The more weight a mother puts on the better and healthier it is for the baby. Women in society shouldn’t try to worry about their outer appearance, instead they should be worrying more about what’s inside: their unborn baby.
As for the second painting with the two guys sitting on the steps with a box in between them I didn’t really know what to think at first. It took me some time but I finally got an idea of what was going on and it seemed that these two people were just living life. They were watching to see what happened around them while at the same time letting life bring them whatever adventure it was going to bring that day. I think that is what the box was hinting at since we don’t know what’s in it so it would be a surprise for everyone. It would be just like life: a surprise that we never know what to expect.


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