Wk 8 – Classmate Interview – Salina Chaves

photo (1)

Everyone always meets that one person that can get along with so easily and today I got to meet someone like that and her name is Salina Chaves. She is exactly that and it was great getting to meet her because she was such a charismatic, outgoing and such a funny person. Salina is currently a third year at CSULB as a child development major. She also is minoring in recreation. It was really easy to talk to Salina since she was so friendly. We had a lot of good laughs and it also helped that we had a lot in common.
The main thing that Salina has to do a lot throughout her day is her job in the YMCA. This job couldn’t be any more perfect for her since she’s already getting experience in her work field. She currently works from Monday to Friday as an assistant site director. As a site director she is looks over and tends to the kids, as well as the other team leaders who are taking care of the children, in the after school YMCA program at the school she is in charged with. We both found it really weird how both of us have a connection to the YMCA.
As for Salina’s hobbies she really enjoys playing and watching sports. The main reason that she got so into sports was because the guys in her family always got her to play. At the end she ended up really enjoying playing sports. When she’s not playing or watching sports she is on the sideline cheering for her family members that are playing. She often goes to little league games for her younger family members.
When it comes to art she allows her tattoos to tell her stories. She has seven tattoos and each of them have a very special meaning to her. Her favorite one is the diamond that is behind her left ear. This diamond is in memory of her cousin that passed away in 2011. It was her first tattoo that she got right after she had turned 18. The special meaning behind her tattoos shows how caring and kind she is as a person and to those around her.
All of you should really go and check out Salina’s website because you won’t regret it. The link is salinachavez2110.com.


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