Wk 7 – Artist Interview – Kenita Hale

photo 1

photo 2

This week my choice of art piece was “The After Party” is by Kenita Hale. It was one of the most thrilling galleries that I’ve seen in a while. I don’t know it might of the lighting that really made it stand out to me and by lighting I mean pitch dark. However all the little candles really gave it a little ominous feeling to it which made it really amazing. When it comes to art the spookier and darker it is the more intrigued I am by it.
Kenita Hale is a senior fine arts major from Simi Valley. Each face that was portrayed inside her circus tent was of a real person that had something special about themselves. For example take Fedor Jeftichew who I took a picture of, he was considered to be like a dog since that’s what his face resembled. Each person that she included in her art piece was treated horrible because they were different. In a way Kenita is able to bring glory to those who were done wrong which is something I respect about this art piece.
Since they were different people considered them to be freaks. The word freak is something that always pulls on some people’s emotional strings especially the ones being called a freak. Just because someone is different it doesn’t mean that they are any less than a human. Each person should be considered equally no matter how they look. As a society we have come a long way from judging people off their appearance and we should continue to tell the younger generations that it’s okay to be different. That it’s okay to not look like everyone else because being unique is what makes them well them.
After doing a walk through with my friends we ended up realizing that it had some parts that reminded us of American Horror Story since the new season had just came out the day before class. It was ironic that I also overheard another group stating out the same similarity between the piece and the show.
If you’d like to read more about the piece you can go to the following link: http://www.daily49er.com/diversions/2014/10/08/the-circus-comes-to-gatov-gallery/. She gives a lot of more information on her piece in the post.


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