Wk 7 – Activity – Painting

photo 4

    This week I got the opportunity to spray paint. Now before you get the wrong idea I didn’t vandalize someone’s wall. Now that I’m on the topic of vandalism, I’d like to ask you guys what you think graffiti is. I know a lot of people think of it as just chicken scratch that people tagged on the wall but after watching a video my professor put up I kind of started to see graffiti in a new light. To be honest I was like a lot of society that just thought of it as useless writing on walls. However after watching the video I sort of understood why some people actually do graffiti. Some of the stories/experiences that the people shared were really heartwarming. Graffiti can be considered as art now and it should be. It shouldn’t have a reason to always be looked down as something criminal.
    Now for the activity I had to spray paint my name on a plywood or cardboard piece but there was one thing that I had to do before I could get started: sketch. I had to sketch out my idea of how I wanted my name to look. Now, if you read my previous post, you know I can’t draw to save my life. When it comes to free sketching things it’s difficult but I really tried my best this time. I have to say that the sketch came out better than I would have ever expected. Before the name trial I played with letters and how I could draw them and I liked how some of them came out.

photo 3

    As for the spray paint process let’s just say I learned a lot from my mistakes. I ended up staying with a classic black and white color combination. So spray painting is a lot harder than I thought it would be and it didn’t help that there was wind pushing the paint in the opposite direction. What I learned is that the thinner the line the closer the spray can has to be. The black outline really took some time since I tried to get it the closest to the edge of the letters. Another thing is that you have to really layer the paint a bit if you want an opaque color or else your paint is going to be thin. Overall I think the end design was okay for a beginner.
    I’m really impressed by all those spray paint artist that can get their design so precise. It must take a lot of patience and steady hands to get everything exactly how they imagine it to be. I kind of want to try it again if I can so that I can get better at it since it does seem like a fun and unique way to express yourself.


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