Wk 7 – Classmate Interview – Vanessa Carbajal

    Today I got the opportunity to talk to Vanessa Carbajal. We both happen to be in the same exhibit and started talking when she asked if I had done my interview yet. It was really great being able to talk to her since she seemed so different from other people that I’ve talked to before. The thing that inspires her is everything that goes around her. It could literally can be the smallest kind act among her environment that can push her to do better.
    My first impression of her was that she really knew her style and who she was as a person. Her sense of style is really amazing and unique. That’s one of the things that really caught my eye after I met her. Vanessa is a Fashion Merchandising major at CSULB who is in her senior year. I’d really like to congratulate her once again since she’s so close to finishing and being able to graduate. Before she choose her major she debated on whether she should be an Environmental Engineer. However she decided to go into Fashion Merchandising since it allowed her to express herself.
    As for hobbies, Vanessa really enjoys running, sewing, and reading. Her favorite genre to read are the classics and horror. Some of her favorites are Frankenstein and Dracula. One of the things that we had in common was our interest in Japanese culture. We both easily get so caught up with all things from Japan that we don’t even notice how much we already have in our hands. Going back to the topic of sewing that’s only part of her crafty hobbies. She tends to be a DIY type of person which is something else that also makes her cool. I need to give her props since she’s able to create things on her own. The last things I learned about Vanessa was that she really likes art history. The reason why she likes art history is because it gives information towards the basics that set up for things that happen in today’s society. We just build off of ideas from the past to get a new invention/idea.
    If you’d like to check out Vanessa’s blog go to the following link: vanessacarbajal.wordpress.com. I hope all of you enjoy the rest of your day.


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