Wk 6 – Classmate Interview – Renato Muralles

This week I got to interview Renato Muralles. He’s a linguistic major at CSULB and has been involved with sports since he was a child. The reason why he decided to be a linguistic major was because he likes the idea of traveling. Majoring in linguistic would give him the opportunity to do that. One of the places he would like to visit is Europe. I’ve talked to him for a while but I never actually got the chance to interview him so I decided that this week would be good for that.
He graduated from Leuzinger High school and now commutes to Long Beach. However before Renato had the opportunity to live in Guatemala for about seven years. After coming back he had to start school late since the school year was almost over so he wouldn’t be able to enter. I found it really cool how he was able to live in another country for a while since that’s what I hope to do in the future eventually.
Renato has been involved with sports for about eight years now. From this I could tell that he’s a very dedicated person I respect that a lot. When it comes to soccer he loves everything about it. Besides playing in he also likes to watch it and talk about it. He was also part of his high school’s team. Golf is also another sport he learned how to play. He started to learn to play golf about a year ago. The reason why he started playing golf was because his friends invited him to play and he really enjoyed it afterwards.
Like always with my interviews I love to add random questions into the conversation so that we have a variety of information about the person. One of the things that I found out about Renato, which was cool and weird at the same time, was that his fingers are double jointed. He knows how to speak English and Spanish. Another thing that came up was whether we were stung by bees. Another friend of ours brought up the conversation so we just went along with it. Renato hasn’t been stung by a bee but a wasp calls that’s a different story.
If you’d like to check out Renato’s wordpress account go to the following link at: renatomuralles.wordpress.com.


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