Wk 6 – Activity – French Girls App

One of the best drawing that i liked that was posted on the newsfeed on the French Girls app.

    For the activity this week we had to use the app called French Girls. For those of you who don’t know about the app, this app allows you take a selfie and you get your portrait drawn in return. Random strangers get to draw you and I know that letting random people see your picture can be terrifying for some people but not to worry because this app allows you to be anonymous. This app was really entertaining since it allowed for artist to show their true talent.

    A lot of the people here are able to draw which I really respect. It takes a lot of talent and precision to make such an exquisite drawing on a screen. Just imagine how hard it is to draw in real life now drawing on a much smaller screen would make it ten times worse and difficult. As part of my activity I had to draw other people. Just hearing the word draw and I’m already a nervous wreck. The best drawing I have ever done involve tracing. When it comes to having the power to draw whatever and however I want it only causes me to come up blank. As you can see below my drawing abilities aren’t the best. Especially when I’m using my finger to sketch instead of an actual medium.

My attempt at drawing someone’s selfie.

    The second half of my activity involved taking a selfie and waiting to see how people drew me. Taking a selfie was something hard for me since I don’t like to be in front of the camera. I rarely take pictures of myself but at least with groups I tend to be more camera social. This is why my friends tend to call me the photographer within the group. Going back to the topic of my selfie, it took quite a time to get a drawing back. However the reason why this could be was because I only uploaded one. So I would say to upload a lot to get more drawings and get them quickly. When I finally got my drawing I started laughing since it was funny. At the same time I really appreciate that someone took the time to draw me.

The drawing that someone drew based off my selfie.

    At the end this was a great (and new) way to draw. I’m probably going to tell some of my friends about it so they could try it out themselves. The app is only available for iphones/ipods so if you’d like to let the inner artist out of you look up French Girls on itunes. The only thing that you should know about the app is that you have to have the IOS 8 software. So I’m sorry for those of you that are stuck with an earlier software.


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