Wk 5 – Classmate Interview – Nicole Ilagan

photo 5 (3)
Nicole Ilagan

    This week I was able to meet Nicole Ilagan in my art class. Nicole is from Orange County but is currently studying at CSULB. The thing that we both had in common was that we’re both film majors. However the only difference is that she’s a second year. During out interview we also did ask about our counterfactual identities. It was funny to hear what both of us had to say about our outfits. We both also share a similar interest in not wearing dresses that often. We both enjoy the casual dress. She was really fun to talk to and it was easy to keep the conversation going between the two of us.
    Nicole used to be into sports like martial arts and basketball but she then took some time off from those two. Currently she is interested in taking up surfing since she really likes the ocean. She is up for the challenge if it’s anything related to water. She considers herself an indoor and outdoor person since she likes both settings equally. She also has pets which are some corgis and multipoo(s). I didn’t know what a multipoo was but when I looked it up I couldn’t help but be jealous of her dog. The multipoo is so adorable.
    Nicole is studying to specialize in producing and working with the director to help make their vision a reality. Now onto the subject of her film activities it seems that she puts a lot of effort into them. Nicole is currently working with College Beat TV on campus. Her job includes working from 9 in the morning until 10 at night. Another thing that I found amazing was that she was helping produce the show Late Night Long Beach. Right now she doesn’t have any specific film company she wants to work with since she believes that she has to be open with anything that life brings her way. I really admired her philosophy since it would give her more opportunities with everyone instead of closing in on just one company. However the one company that she would like to work with if she could is Disney.
    I hope I continue to talk to Nicole and get to know her better since she seems like she’d be a great friend to have around. If you’d like to check out her blog go to nicoleilagan.com, you won’t regret getting to know her.


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