Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Photography Symposium

photo 2 (3)

This week the gallery that caught my attention this time was presented by Photography Symposium. From my favorite gallery I narrowed my choices of which photograph I’d like to evaluate and ended up choosing the one above. Sadly I couldn’t exactly find the exact artist online, the group involved nine different artists and I tried looking up the group on the schools website. What I did notice from this group of artist that (I think that) all of them use digital photography for their medium. Another common thing amongst most of them was the use of color. Only a couple of them used black and white digital photography. Almost most of them look like they weren’t largely editing with a program. If anything some artist possible just edited the contrast or color of the picture. I really enjoy how they kept the photographs simple.

I don’t know why but this art piece called out to me since the setting looked really similar. The more I stared at the setting, the more I wanted to figure out where this setting was. After staring at the photograph for what seemed like forever I realized that it looked like the Ross in Signal Hill. I don’t know why but I was so set on figuring out what this empty store was.

The idea of the past is also something that always an asset to what the future holds. It’s only the foundation to what will occur late. Just like in the picture the store is abandoned and doesn’t have a name. However this is just the beginning which can be followed by anything. Anything can come from this: another department store, an ice cream shop, or even a fast food place. This also happens with life, when one door closes another door opens. The door can have anything behind it which is the surprise that life always throws our way which is why we never know what to expect next.

Stores, which is what this place looks like, always come and go which but nobody tends to remembers what was there before. Just like with everything else people tend to forget about what they went through but we sometimes unconsciously use our past to learn from. Nowadays people can’t remember anything historical or eventful. The little things have it even worse since people aren’t attentive to it. We shouldn’t forget about what happened before since everything that occurs is special. We can’t let history or memories waste and be forgotten. The past should be something that should be retold to the younger generations to keep it alive.


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