Wk 5 – Counterfactual – Activity

    This week’s activity was to dress counterfactually which pretty much means dress up in a fake/different way then you normally would. Here’s a little information about my fashion skills: I’m lazy about it. I like to wear clothes that are comfy, loose, and simple. I don’t really care for putting together the ‘perfect’ outfit that takes up to three hours. My clothes also tend to be on the dark or neutral colors I don’t really hover towards bright colors or pink. Never in my life would I put on a dress, skirts, or anything pink unless the occasion called for it. Then the shoes always tend to be Converse, I rarely wear anything other type of shoes. The only thing at ever changes about my shoes is the color. So that’s why I put all the things I don’t normally wear into one outfit. Sadly I didn’t have anything like that in my wardrobe so I had to ask my friend for a loaner.

photo 1 (3)

    Changing my way of dressing was only the first part of my activity. The second part had to do with the thoughts that people thought of us in our outfits. We also weren’t supposed to provide any information pertaining to our true personality, name, and likes. I asked about three people what they thought about my appearance. The first question was what they thought my name was. The names varied from Lauren, Sonia, and Emily. It’s funny how all those names sound like they would match the outfit. Then when I asked about my major it varied from dance and business. Then the next question was what my interests were. Most of them said that I was interested in sports which, was about the only thing that they got right.

counterfactual image

    It’s funny how the clothing we wear can tell a story to those that see us. I think that the way people perceive us by has to do more with what they believe we are. Compared to the regular clothes that I’d probably wear people would think that I’m more quiet and standoff-ish. This might be true some time since I’m socially awkward at time. However with the outfit that I wore for the activity people thought that I was more girly, outgoing, and talkative. It seems that the brighter the colors the more outgoing a person seems. Clothing shouldn’t be the cause of what impression people get off of us. People tend to judge off what’s on the outside instead of what’s on the inside. If people actually got to know a person for who they actually were we wouldn’t associate ourselves with cliques. Everyone would talk to anybody and wouldn’t want to keep to people that are similar to themselves.


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