Wk 4 – Activity – Plaster Casting

photo 1 (2)
Mold of my foot sadly all the toes ended up sticking together.

    So this week’s activity had to do with using plaster to make a mold of either your foot or hand. Let me just say I will not be working with a job involving with plaster because it was difficult using plaster. My high school friend and I literally made about 8 different molds and I’d like to say that only about two of them came out decently. The hand molds were the most difficult ones to do since the plaster didn’t really sink down to the finger parts. The reason it probably didn’t work out so well was because we let the plaster sit a little bit too long.
    On the bright side it was really fun using the plaster it felt like we were kids playing at the beach again. To be honest the beach is the last place I’d go to since I don’t like the sun or crowds. However it ended up being a really great outing since the part of the beach we went to only had about 5 people around us and it was a cloudy day. The cold, windy, and cooling weather really is the best. During the 25 minutes (which seemed like forever) we waited Stephanie and I ended up digging another hole to see if we could find anything interesting. The hole ended up being about 2 feet tall.

photo 5 (2)
The view from where my friend and I were doing our plaster work.

    Taking care of the plaster after it had set for a while was really terrifying since I kept thinking it was going to break. I’d like to say that we probably only broke two of the molds we ended up making but the 6 came out… let just say okay. It was really fun digging them out since it felt like we were archeologist. The sand kept getting stuck on my hands and feet though. So it took probably about 10 minutes to get out the first mold since it was hectic trying to get it. What I realized as well was that the two that were broken, ending up breaking because they didn’t set for that long of a time period. Using plaster is something that takes a lot of patience and attention. If you don’t pay attention to the plaster when mixing your whole thing could end up being a disaster. Your plaster could either end up being too liquid like or already setting.
    Would I got and make another mold of my hand or foot? Probably but just for fun if it were my job I’d probably get fired really quickly. It was a really great experience being able to use plaster. Even when I was at the store I learned about other kinds of plaster as well and what other things they could be useful for. So I’d say this activity was a good one and a great lesson learner.


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