Wk 4 – Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley

photo 1 (1)
Maccabee Shelley

    This art piece by Maccabee Shelley really caught my attention this week. He is a ceramics student at CSULB. Shelley used recycled glass to compose his art piece and also took the liberty to paint some portions of it. The colors he chose really go well together and help make the piece look complete. None of the colors are trying to overpower one another but actually help each other look beautiful. The beauty of glass is also something that he wants to bring attention to as well since it is often just seen as something simple.
    The main thing that caught my attention (besides the sheen of it) was shape of it. Shapes of art piece are the number one thing that always tends to grab my eye. The edges are spiked at some parts but then other sections are so complex. It must have taken him a lot of time to get all the points to look so different from one another. Shelley also said that just one piece alone can take him about three months alone. I focused on the piece pictured since it was the main focus (in my opinion) since it was in the center of the room. It was very impressive that he had about 5 or 6 pieces in the gallery. It shows how much he really enjoy putting together an art piece since he made so many but also had a unique thing about each one. He doesn’t name his pieces since he believes that the viewer should see it and interpret it with their own mind.
    The main thing that Shelley was trying to tell with this piece was that our life can just be abruptly shattered by having “the rug [pulled] right out from under [our] feet”. This art piece seems to be broken into three pieces but the ends seem to have fit one another at one time. This a great way to represent life possibly hitting a bump on the road because it’s true that it can literally happen at any moment. Glass symbolizes life perfectly because they’re both something very valuable and precious but they need to be dealt with cautiously. Our lives can be ‘broken’ but that doesn’t mean that it’s over it just means that we have a new lesson to learn from the experience.
    All of the art pieces that Shelley had were really amazing and hopefully I get to see more of them in future galleries if not I could always check them out on his blog. If you’d like to see some of his other fantastic works just go to maccabeeshelley.com.


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