Wk 4 – Classmate Interview – Chris Espinoza

photo 5 (1)
Chris Espinoza

    The classmate I was able to interview this time was named Chris Espinoza. He’s a very nice, cheerful and talkative person. It was really easy to talk to him while at the same time we had a lot of good laughs in between the interview. At first I thought it was going to be tough to talk to Chris however, he has a really charismatic personality.
    We have a lot of similar interest like Pokémon and type of music. He is really interested in Pokémon and that’s what always allows me to talk easily to people. Out of all the Pokémon he has two that he calls favorites. Those two that he really likes are Arcanine and Quilava. As for music we both like the loud type of music. The other type of music he likes is metal.
    He’s been to quite a few concerts. One of the concerts he went to was his friend whose band’s name is Hero’s in the Making. At the same concert where his friends performed he was also able to see other known bands. Some of the other bands he was able to see were Hail the Sun, Stolas, and Dance Gavin Dance.
    Some of the other hobbies that Chris has are drawing and playing the guitar. He’s been playing the guitar for about seven years now. (Wow, that’s a long time!) Chris also used to be in martial arts and baseball when he was a kid. It’s funny how he claims to not be a sporty person even though he was in sports when he was younger. However, he hasn’t been in any sports for a while. One of the interests that we have in commons is the movies. He really loves movies especially dramas. His favorite movie would have to be The Departed. Forest Gump is another movie that he really likes.
    There were a lot of other random facts that I also learned about him. I tend to ask a lot of random questions so that’s why these facts tend to be all over the place. Chris doesn’t t have any pets at the moment. He’s able to ride a bike and learned to when he was really young. Teal is Chris’s favorite color. Another thing about Chris was that he’s from Mexican descent but he never learned to speak Spanish. His parents thought he would just learn it by listening but apparently it didn’t work for Chris.
    It was really fun being able to meet and talk to Chris if you want to check out his website you can go to chrisespinoza.com.


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