Wk 3 – Activity – Kickstarter Idea: Food Conscious

How’s it going everybody? I hope well. Anyways this week task was to pitch an idea for an invention. The task was inspired by the website Kickstarter. This website, for those of you who don’t know anout it, is where anyone can put their idea out in the world. By doing so they are able to possibly earn donations so they can actually have a chance to make their idea a reality. There’s been a lot of good ideas on the website but at the same time there’s been some that miss the mark.
One of my favorites was the Button Fox Plushie Idea.

I liked these idea because the plushie is something that anybody can love. Little kids would love it for as a toy to have something to play around with. At the same time this plushie is also an awesome idea for the mature purchasers as well. Adults also love plushies whether it’s because it’s adorable or just because they like the character the plushie comes in. Another reason why I liked the idea was because I loved how it’s handcrafted. It shows how the creators put all their love and time into what they love. They also want to put out their other characters if their project is funded so the way they’re adding variety is another plus.

Here’s a second project that I also loved and which is why I couldn’t just choose one. This project was asking for funding to help create and film their Pokemon: Evolution movie. Maybe it’s just the Pokemon geek side of me talking but I thought that their idea was really great. They were going to go through the concept of Pikachu possibly (FINALLY) evolving. However the catch was that Pikachu was dying so Ash had the choice of evolving him and saving him or letting him die. The idea of saving him would have so many different consequences they could work with to get a good plot in the movie. Just a heads up they don’t start talking about the project until 50 seconds into the video.

I’d also just like to apologize beforehand for the shortness on the video since we had some technical difficulties. In case it’s not detailed enough the idea we created was an app that would tell you every nutrition fact about a food as long as you took a picture. Snap a picture of an apple it’ll tell you everything about it. Another thing I’d also like to point out to you readers is that we are in no way actually hoping for you to fund out project. If you want to check out our kickstarter video click on that play button


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