Wk 3 – Artist Interview – Patricia Rangel

photo 4 (1)
Patricia Rangel; Revival

    Here’s another art piece coming to you. I know that a lot of them have been about society and how it is now a days so I decided to take on a different topic this time. I choose the piece called Revival by Patricia Rangel since it was the one that caught my eye the most. The overall title for all of her pieces was called A New Foundation. In my opinion her art piece had the theme of home since it brought pieces that reminded her of home here. She is an art student that usually uses metal however, the Revival piece was mostly composed of dirt. I found it very interesting to use dirt as a form of medium but it was a really great idea.
    All the different dirt that she used was found at places back around her home. She brought some back from a cemetery, her house, her high school, San Joaquin Valley, and around orchids. The overall idea of this art piece was to bring home to her when she missed it. Home sickness is something that can really take a toll on people so it’s good to have something to remind them of what they’re missing.
    The reason why I focused on the piece Revival was because it was the simplest out of all of them. Normally the more simple the exterior is, then the interior tends to be more complex. This (in my opinion) ended up being true. The idea of family and home is something that is always so unique to each person. Each family is different however the love within the family tends to be the same. Missing your home is something that comes easily when or if you have to move away. Rangel was able to fill the void with the simple things that brought some of home to her.
    I also enjoyed how Rangel was able to use dirt, which is thin and tiny in small amounts, and turn it into such a big piece of art. The piece was about two feet by one and a half foot I’d like to say. It must have taken her a lot of dirt to put the whole master piece together. As for the construction she said it took about three or four days. That’s another thing that I also loved since she could have just spent a couple of hours on it and called it day but she decided to put all her effort into it. The shape she gave the piece is also very different and unique. It kind of symbolizes how home is one of a kind. There may be another house you live in but the idea of home and family you grew up with can never be replaced.


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