Wk 2 – Classmate Interview – Irene Shin

photo 4
Irene Shin

    Ladies and gents I’d like to introduce you to Irene Shin. She’s currently a student at CSULB and majoring to be a nurse. I got to talk to her during our art class. Even though we didn’t talk for hours, I was still able to learn that she enjoys swimming, drawing, and came from Cypress.
    Now originally before she came to college she lived in Cypress. She went to Cypress High School and decided to make a change and come here. Irene also said that a lot of people from her high school came to the same university. Even on our huge school campus, she is still able to run into some of her old friends. However before she lived in cypress she lived in Korea. She moved to California about 3 or 4 years ago. Apparently in Korea the school environment is different since most schools have the teachers move classrooms instead of the students. That seems a lot more comfy than having to move after each class/period has ended. After telling me this I had to tell her how much better that sounds that having to move around to all your classes.
    When it comes to sports she likes to spend some time in the water. She is mostly interest in swimming but her other time taker is badminton. She has taken some time off from both eventually after a while however she plans to get back into them. I love how she is also a sports fanatic and i found it ironic how we both took a break after playing.
    Some of the other things that I learned about her varied between a lot of different topics. It’s funny how we were able to bounce between topics so quickly. She really enjoys eating and one of her favorite foods is pasta. Then we happened to talk about pets. Currently she doesn’t have any but she said that maybe in the future she’d like to get one. She also likes to draw in her free time. Then we ended up talking about Pokémon. She hasn’t seen it in a while which is why she couldn’t recall the names easily. However she remembered that two of her favorite Pokémon are Togepi and Charmander. I’m so glad that we have Pokémon in common since it’s one of my favorite things I the world.
    It was great being able to meet her since I got to learn so many things about her. At the same time I found out that we also have some similar interest. If you‘d like to check out her own blog hop on over to ireneeshin.wordpress.com


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