Wk 2 – Activity – Instagram

photo 3
Instagram; #art110f14

    “Hash tag it!” “Instagram it!” These are some of the things that we hear often what with the social media being our way of connecting with the world nowadays. Instagram is just one way that allows us to capture a moment in our life. Are we all unique and live completely separate lives or are we all living a similar life with similar interest?
    After seeing a lot of the posts that my class posted I witness that a lot of us have similar interest. I find it funny how there’s a lot of similarities by people that probably wouldn’t talk to each other. It’s the appearance that makes us have boundaries in real live but once the identity is taken away and it’s just viewed by interest we realize that a lot of people are very similar. It’s the cliques that make it difficult for people to just view and get to know people by their likes and dislikes rather than the type of outer appearance suits our likes.
    With this activity I wasn’t just able to learn about some of my classmates but my current friends as well. I was able to tell which of them liked some of the things I liked and how some of them never heard of some of things I enjoyed. Compared to the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, which about twenty people liked, Sons of Anarchy was liked by about three people. It’s funny but sad how few people actually know about such a great show. Instragram is also a way to share one’s interest or introduce them to those around us.

photo 1
Guardians of the Galaxy fanart; groot and rocket

    By seeing how people only like things that they are interested, actually know of, or just think are funny it seems like people are more disconnected with variety in their life. They seem to only stick to what they already know. At the same time I noticed that the same amounts of people tend to like a post. This probably happens to others as well. The closer you are with your friends the more likely they are to like your post. It seems like people tend to be disconnected with a lot of their followers not just society as a whole. Sometimes I wonder if they actually want to see their friends post or just want to add towards the number of followers they have.
    I thought that this activity would be really easy but I actually had more difficulty then I thought. I only had to take four but that was still asking for a lot since sometimes I couldn’t even figure out what to photograph sometimes throughout the day. However after taking all the pictures asked for, it was actually pretty entertaining to see what everybody else posted. It was fun seeing how other people lived their lives and did throughout their life.


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