Wk 1 – Classmate Interview – Denzel Belleza

photo 2 (3)
Denzel Belleza

    When I first met Denzel I thought that he was awkward at moments. However it just takes some time to actually get to know him. He’s someone that becomes really dedicated towards something if he’s really interested. Some of his hobbies include anime, break dancing, and sleeping.
    Denzel is currently studying to become a mechanical engineer and the fact that school started makes his sleep levels go down even further. Even though he doesn’t have that much sleep he is still able to make a good day out of each one. He’s always able to have fun each day but at the same time those around him also have an enjoyable time.  His funniness is what allows him to be amiable with people. He can be quiet at times but when he says things he can knows what he’s talking about.
    Break dancing has always been a big part of his life and it’s something that he will never lose interest in. He’s been dancing for a couple years now. In his high school he created a break dancing crew and was able to get a lot of people interested in it. He practices his moves whenever he can since there are a lot of them that he wants to master. One of the funny things that he showed me was a about a professional break dancer that looks so much like him. It’s uncanny how similar they look (when they have the same hair style).  At first I didn’t see it but then when he showed me a specific picture of the dancer and I could totally see the resemblance.
    His art interest can be seen so easily. When he sees a piece that he likes, it’s easy to see how interested he is. During the gallery the 3-D art is what got him more interested and curious then the regular 2-D art pieces. The way he analyzes art is so funny that it had me laughing more than the times we were talking. Both of us have an interest in the weird type of art which made us ponder a bit about what the piece was trying to say. The more difficult the piece is to understand, the more variety in the evaluation about the piece there will be.
    I’m glad I got to interview Denzel since I was able to learn about something new like break dancing. Who knows maybe one day I’ll learn how to break dance thanks to him. He has his own word press so go check him out if you want at denzelhub.com


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