Wk 1 – GLAMFA Artist – April Bey

photo 1 (3)
April Bey: “Who do you Worship?”

    Today’s society seems like people care for some of the most useless things. Before people had things they cared for, that actually had importance or value. Now what seem to matters are celebrities, appearance, and what idiotic thing will become the next big hit. I interpreted this art piece sum up all of the things that some modern people value. Just by using the ‘Keep Calm’ idea it shows one of the crazes that got eaten up by the public. Something so simple shows how our complexity had decreased. Before the motto came back a few years ago it was used during a hectic time: World War II. The original motto was ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. Now that motto isn’t heard of as often. Multiple people have modified the motto to fit a certain situation. Not a lot of people remember the origin from the past saying since they’re more concerned about what’s at hand.
    Now the main question that comes up in the beginning of the day is “What should I wear?” With fashion changing with each season that passes within the year, a lot of people think they should keep up with the latest trends. They put so much importance on appearance since people tend to be judged on it. The exterior of a person tends to be what gets judged instead of their true personality. It has become apparent that the clothing in our society goes by their own motto that ‘the less there is the better’. Shirts and skirts continue to become shorter as well as tighter. The clothes we wear are what label us instead of our personalities. Like the artist asks ‘what do we worship’ has become material things instead of people themselves.
    Then there are the idiotic things that end up becoming the next big things which nowadays would be apps. Each day there are hundreds created however, half of them don’t even have point. One of the well-known apps is Flappy Bird. This app is so simple, pointless, and time consuming yet all it involves is tapping a screen. At the same time it ends up annoying and frustrating us. This pointless game ending up consuming so many of peoples’ (as well as my own) space on their phones. Then there’s the newest app about Kim Kardashian. The goal, within the app, is to make it big in Hollywood. Yet how do anything of these actually help us in real life. People get sucked into the virtual world and unlock so many achievements but what does that get us in real life. All we get is time wasted.
    The last thing that points out our values is the Beyoncé art piece. Many people, especially teens, look up to their favorite celebrities. However that isn’t always the best thing. Celebrities live a double life that contains a good and bad side. Both sides can affect our opinion. People shouldn’t put a celebrity on a pedestal since they don’t really know anything about that person. So why follow by their example. Yes, there are some good examples but the public don’t always choose someone inspiring. Instead of celebrities, society should be following examples of people that actually made a difference in the world.
    I really loved this art piece since it made me ponder about what really matters in life nowadays. It’s simple but it covers a big story that takes the viewer to multiple issues. Artist like Bey (who’s other amazing work can be found at http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/Bey_2014.html) that cover the topic of culture is something that really brings awareness to how society is like. They also manage to summarize all the main things being consumed each day by the public. By using big names like Beyoncé, Bey is able to bring attention to a smaller subject. This method is something that really helps bull the viewer into deeper idea trying to be presented. Finally after taking note of what people value in this era it only leaves me with one question to ponder: Can we expect a turnaround or will it only get worse from here for society?


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